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223. Melissa Bentivoglio: The Creative and Funding Process as a Female CEO

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In this episode, Suneera welcomes Melissa Bentivoglio, CEO, and co-founder of Frame. Melissa shares her entrepreneurial journey and how she developed the idea for the first at-home, digitally-connected Pilates Reformer. She candidly shares some of the “myths” of being a founder, the creative and funding process in creating Frame, and the obstacles she faced as an aspiring female CEO.  Melissa is a classically trained ballet dancer and a renowned Pilates and fitness instructor. She credits her dedication to Pilates as having changed her life after years of elite-level performance. In 2018, she designed her own proprietary Reformer for her studio. By launching Frame, she hopes to make Pilates more widely available and accessible so that everyone has the chance to improve their quality of life. Melissa and Frame have been featured in Women’s Health, Forbes,  Goop, and more.   Connect with Melissa and Frame: Website: Instagram: TikTok:   Hello there, future leader. The CEO club is a monthly digital membership where female entrepreneurs come together to up-level their businesses and lives. The doors are now open:

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