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Welcome back to Speak Like a CEO! On today’s podcast we take you to Israel, with an episode recorded straight from Tel Aviv. 

Our guest is Chedva Kleinhandler, the CEO and Founder of Emerj, an app that connects employees and mentors. 

Chedva started her first business at 21. At that time she thought she was the only person in the world who needed a mentor. After her second business succeeded, more and more people sought her advice. She realised: you can be an employee surrounded by people with knowledge and still feel that you don’t have access to that knowledge. 

On today’s episode, our guest tells us how she broke down the barriers of making mentorship truly scalable within organisations and easy in terms of people’s commitment and time. In a time of platform fatigue, she talks to us about how to create a safe and confidential digital space for mentoring and how it can truly enhance internal communications and become a powerful tool for employer branding

Beyond mentorship, we talk about what makes Israeli entrepreneurship and what role communications plays in this part of the world. A true bridge builder between different cultures, Chedva lets us in on the different types of communication styles she has experienced and how religion and tech intersect in Israel. Is communication the secret to Israeli innovation? 

To find out, tune in on this special episode from Tel Aviv! Enjoy.

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