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190: Start with Building a Brand. Johannes Reck, GetYourGuide

Episode #190 mit:
Johannes Reck
Co-Founder and CEO
Founder & CEO
Eo Ipso Communications
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How many entrepreneurial journeys have started with a wrongly booked ticket to China? Alone in a hotel room in Beijing, Johannes Reck realised how a city is transformed when you have access to tour guides and experiences. 

Two years later, with a failed student tour guiding company behind them, the two university friends took a leap of faith and launched GetYourGuide – a platform that unlocks unforgettable experiences. 

Fifteen years later, the app offers more than 70.000 unique experiences worldwide. 

How did they continuously grow for over a decade and survive a global pandemic as a travel company? 

The answer is hard work, trial and error, patience, and a positive mentality.  

The key to unlocking your potential as a leader is through training. By continuing to train himself rigorously as a speaker and communicator, and always searching for ways to grow as a leader and human being Johannes Reck has done what most founders dream of.  

GetYourGuide has built a global brand with strong word of mouth, product-market fit in multiple countries including the US, and continues to innovate for the future.

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