Fail Forward

105 Interview: Andy Taylor

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Managing Director
The Tree Surgeons Mastermind

In this episode, I interview Andy Taylor, who shares his journey from partnering with his dad’s fencing business to selling it for seven figures, and then setting up other businesses, offering valuable insights along the way. Andy's entry into a family business marked the beginning of relationship dynamics and growth hurdles.

He emphasises the importance of maintaining a balance between familial trust and professional conduct. Scaling the business posed challenges in establishing efficient systems and processes. However, personal growth emerged as a cornerstone of Andy's journey, with a focus on continuous self improvement through meditation and exercise. He candidly shares his struggle with negative self talk and depression, highlighting the power of seeking support and being open.

Eventually, the process of selling the business proved to be a difficult and stressful experience for Andy. It didn’t go to plan, and in the essence of the podcast Andy learnt from these mistakes and has now set up a training school to help others who are embarking on selling a business.

Find Andy on Facebook - Andrew Paul William Taylor.

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