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QC#34: Negative leadership styles, and how to overcome them

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In this week’s Quick Coffee, we are revisiting the topic of leadership but this time from a different angle. We are reflecting on our encounters with leaders over the years and the negative leadership styles we observed in the process. What attributes are characteristic of a negative leadership style? How do these attributes come about? And what can one do to overcome them?

Grab a coffee and listen in as we unpack the leadership development process and discover what one should and should not do to become a great leader.

Our episode overview

(00:06:00) Podcast hacks and “Power of Design” event at the Blossom Studio

(00:09:20) Change in the leadership philosophy at Airbnb

(00:12:53) Poor leaders fail to combine honest and transparent communication with keeping control

(00:15:28) Self-management is key to being a good leader

(00:17:49) The fundamental misunderstanding of leadership

(00:21:49) Leadership is a development process

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