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How to Master the Financial Fundamentals with Adam Kroener

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Adam Kroener is an award-winning 8-figure CEO, co-founder of Carbliss, which has sold 2M+ cases since its founding in 2019. He is a Startup Advisor and Veteran of the US Army.

Top 3 Value Bombs

1. Many people get scared of making a lot more than the interest they were paying because we’re training ourselves with the fear of the interest rather than the opportunity of the game.

2. If we as a nation are starting to understand that what we are told consistently is not best for ourselves, we have to dig deeper into that from a financial perspective and just learn how to think for ourselves, maximize and multiply each dollar rather than focus on focusing on what we’re losing.

3. You’re not paying taxes on any loan. It’s basically a tax free income and if you’re able to maximize that and bring it back within a year, you’re not paying any tax and you’re lessening the interest rate that you would have paid.

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