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Episode 703 | The Accidental SaaS Entrepreneur

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In episode 703, Rob Walling interviews Jordan Hansen, founder of Cobalt Intelligence. They dive into Jordan's unexpected journey into SaaS and the growth of his company, which specializes in business verification through API. Jordan reflects on quitting his job to pursue his startup and the benefits of community and mentorship he has received from TinySeed. 

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Topics we cover: 

  • 2:30 – What does Cobalt Intelligence offer?
  • 5:45 – Team scale, market, and business origins 
  • 9:55 – Starting YouTube and finding motivation to continually publish
  • 13:27 – Working with a savings runway and applying to TinySeed
  • 23:50 – Finding product-market fit
  • 26:58 – Unlisting content to align with business goals
  • 31:50 – “Accidental” SaaS founder

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