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#100 - Becoming CEO in the middle of a crisis with Nina Pütz

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How do you steer a billion-euro company through the Covid crisis?

When Nina Pütz joined the fintech giant Ratepay as the new CEO, she knew that building human connections was going to be a challenge. Germany was going back into lockdown and she had to position herself at the head of one of Europe’s largest payment providers. 

As the new leader of over 200 employees in Germany and Europe, this wasn’t an easy task. But Nina knew that effective internal and external communications were essential. Luckily she had a plan both to establish herself in the company and to help streamline operations…

“The key is to speak the language of your respective counterpart. Different people communicate differently. With the right amount of empathy and feeling, you can make this work very well – over video for example.”

Tune in to the latest episode of Speak Like a CEO where Nina shares her experiences and strategies with Oliver and Lena. They will be talking about:

🎨 The art of building meaningful relationships virtually

💪The secret to maintaining a strong company culture from the home office

🧑🏾‍💻Increasing team productivity in lockdown with new digital tools

👍About why giving employees more freedom leads to better performance


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