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Startup in Estonia: #S3 E1 - How to create a compelling company story?

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Startup in Estonia is a podcast where we discuss different pillars of a successful startup ecosystem by showcasing examples from Estonia.

In the third season, we are looking into how to build a successful startup. We're going to talk to more amazing founders of startups, both large and small to hear their perspective and get some valuable advice from them based on what they did right and just as importantly, what they did wrong.

In the first episode, we are going to find out how to create a compelling company story for your startup. Every company has a story and a good one can be a cornerstone of good marketing and PR. It can inspire both customers and investors. It can foster a deeper understanding of you and your product, as well as add greater trust and familiarity to your business. If you don’t tell your story then someone else might do it for you - perhaps a cofounder you split from after a disagreement or perhaps a cynical journalist - and their story about your company might become the dominant public narrative, whether deserved or not.

The guest of our podcast is Rain Rannu (@rainrannu). With more than 15 years of experience in the startup scene, Rain is the founder of mobile payments service provider Fortumo, founding partner at early-stage investment fund Superangel and a filmmaker. His latest movie ‘’Chasing Unicorns’’ is a fun narrative about a female founder trying to make it a male-dominated tech world, from Europe to Silicon Valley, based on based on real-life stories of European startups.

Startup in Estonia podcast is hosted by Adam Rang (@adamrangpr).

More about ‘’Chasing Unicorns’’:


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