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From Sears Intern to Celebrity Brand CEO with Sarah Jahnke, Co-Founder and CEO of Homecourt

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Sarah Jahnke is the Founder and CEO of Homecourt, a home fragrance brand co-founded by Courteney Cox and made with non-toxic skincare-grade ingredients. During this episode, she joins Lee to share her story. Tune in to hear what it was like to meet Courteney Cox for the first time over Zoom, her journey to fundraising for the first time, how she has grown into her leadership role, and much more.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

[02:20] Sarah Jahnke’s story of growing up in Michigan and New York, starting her first business at 12 years old, and performing all her life.

• [10:14] Her career journey, including an internship at Sears e-commerce, a role at PwC, returning to Business School, and working for legacy fragrance brands.

• [15:49] Meeting Courteney Cox via Zoom in brightly colored linen.

[18:46] How Sarah developed the concept for the brand from a candle brand to a luxury home fragrance brand; which includes skincare-grade ingredients.

• [20:17] Product and brand development through the lens of luxury beauty.

[23:01] What ‘scentscaping’ means at Homecourt, and which fragrances Courteney prefers.

• [24:50] Starting at Homecourt on January 1st 2021, and fundraising for the first time.

• [28:55] How the brand has been received by customers and the press.

[31:21] In-person points of discovery for the brand at gyms and hotels in LA.

• [32:37] The product and price range including everyday cleaning products and sustainable packaging.

[33:50] How Sarah has experienced her first role as CEO.

• [40:41] Naming the business and what they had to keep in mind.

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“Having been in the fragrance market, I knew that there was a lot of opportunity to bring more prestige fragrances into new formats.” [0:19:43]

“I said, why don’t we disrupt the household products category with fine fragrance and this luxury beauty philosophy?” [0:20:00]

“If you get to experience our products, you’ll see a very high-end niche-style perfumery with very high-quality ingredients that would typically be reserved for Eau de Parfum.” [0:20:42]

“We use 100% post-consumer recycled material in all of our packaging; from the bottles to even the unit cartons.” [0:21:14]

“We’re really bringing fine fragrance into these new formats.” [0:22:44]

“I had so many great people in my corner through networking and meeting other entrepreneurs in LA who were able to help me and guide me.” [0:27:08]

“The press loves us and thinks that we are innovators in the space. We’re not pigeonholed as just another celebrity brand. It’s truly seen as authentic to Courteney.” [0:29:15]

“I feel very proud that the quality of our product is what’s being recognized and is what’s bringing people to the brand and also keeping them there.” [0:29:46]

“Even with Courteney being the co-founder, and having millions and millions of followers, and really being the number one way people discover the brand, as a fragrance brand, it’s really important to also be able to try the products in person.” [0:31:37]

“Being an entrepreneur is my ultimate life lesson of letting go.”  [0:36:06]

“The why doesn’t matter. It’s happening. So how are you going to react to it?” [0:38:50]

“Trust the timing and how all the dots can connect.” [0:44:09]

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