Finding Solutions for Diversity and Inclusion in the Beauty Industry with Maude Okrah

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“We’re terrified of making a mistake, because of public reputation. And what we recognized is that, with all these conversations happening in silos, we had to bring everyone together. We had to break down the silos and try and figure out a solution that worked.”  
If you or someone you know has ever experienced the struggles of looking casket-ready, we cannot offer you compensation but as an act of solidarity, we have today’s episode guest! With her passion for bringing solutions to underserved markets, Maude Okrah became the co-founder and President of Black Beauty Roster. BBR is a digital Diversity, Equity & Inclusion platform dedicated to connecting the TV, Film, and Editorial networks with talented hair and makeup artists properly trained in textured hair and darker complexions so that every person in the industry regardless of color or hue, can look and feel their best while achieving their silver-screen dreams. By working with industry-leading companies like Warner Bros, Walt Disney, L’Oreal, NYFW and then featuring in Forbes, Allure, Variety, and more, the Black Beauty Roster has and continues to increase education around textured hair and darker complexions while highlighting the real-life challenges women of color face due to them. Join us, as we talk with Maude about her journey from working in corporate strategy to co-creating impactful viral moments with Gabrielle Union, find out what allyship in business looks like to her, and what led her to eventually become the owner of Beauty Expense, an app that helps creatives manage their expenses and business. Hear about the lessons she’s learned through it all, and what helpful recommendations we have for anyone out there hesitating on an idea that could be the answer to someone’s most pressing question.    

We talked about:  

Finding your niche 

Business model design + meeting consumer demands  

Allyship + community building 

Launching + hosting a digital summit 

building a platform with impact 

Leveraging your network + network marketing 

Creating opportunities for + with your business  

Internships + Hiring Techniques 

Overcoming communication barriers 

Understanding nuance when problem-solving 

Celebrity + Major corporation partnerships 

Efficient meeting practices 

Understanding the impact of diversity + inclusion in Beauty, Media, TV + Film   

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