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Legal Hour with Tom & Carlos - Legal terms to be aware of when bringing in new investors

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In this week’s recorded video podcast Seedcamp partners, Carlos and Tom, join forces to discuss some of the key terms startup founders should keep in mind when considering a term sheet from investors.

Carlos and Tom first met when Tom, in his previous life, was one of the lawyers working on helping to set Seedcamp up as a fund. Fast forward six years later and Tom – now one of our investment partners – shares how he wears both his investor and private equity lawyer hat to support portfolio companies and to help startups more broadly gain a comprehensive overview of how to navigate different legal complexities that can arise when it comes to setting up and fundraising for your startup; especially important in today’s challenging times.

In this Legal Hour Session, Carlos and Tom cover different golden rules on how to document and structure an investment round along with key information on how to factor in option pools. It’s well worth also reading Tom’s latest article – “The most important clause to look out for in a dreaded “down-round”, uncovering potential concerns for startups fundraising in these current circumstances. Tune in for advice on how to “focus on the terms, not the structure”, “not letting market standard verbiage prevent you from doing your research”, and how “to always think comprehensively about your terms”.

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