Speak Like a CEO 29

#29 - MAKE OPINIONS MATTER ft Cornelius Frey

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Do you ever get the feeling that only the most noisy and problematic people are getting attention on the internet? Do you want to make your voice heard and feel like your opinions matter? Cornelius Frey is working to make that a reality. He is the CEO and co-founder of the online opinion-sharing platform and marketing tool Opinary. With a background in business and banking, Cornelius was frustrated about not being able to participate in Germany’s political discussions whilst living abroad. With his sister, Pia Frey, he founded the startup which currently has as many users as people living in Germany – that’s over 80 million. We spoke about what exactly draws people to use Opinary, the moral obligations of running such a platform and how to help your team grow and succeed. As well as the challenges and advantages of diving into entrepreneurship with a sibling. Tune to hear more.   

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